Mich Sampson

Conductor, singer, teacher



Abseiling for Beginners (Feb 2009)

Debut CD of Playing Rapunzel (Mich Sampson and Marilisa Valtazanou).

Supporting musicians: Gary Holder, Talis Kimberley, Rachel Georgeson, and Tim Walker.

* Tanglewood Tree (Dave Carter)
* Uffington Hill (Talis Kimberley)
* Mina’s Song (Zander Nyrond)
* As I Roved Out (Trad)
* Sholem (Trad/Cooper, arr Mich)
* Beat of Drums (Peter Westhead)
* The River (Dave Weingart)
* Lies (Stan Rogers)
* Seven Days (Knightley/Witts)
* Ingo (Mich)

Artwork: Anke Teschke and Debbie Ohi. Studio: Club GK.

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Just Beyond (Feb 2006)

Mich’s first studio CD. Features performances by Divine Strumpet (Talis Kimberley, Rachel Georgeson (nee Shurmer), Marilisa Valtazanou, Mich Sampson), Simon Fairbourn and Martin Gordon-Kerr.

Artwork: Anke Teschke. Studio: Club GK.

50% of the profit goes to Cancer Research UK in memory of Mich’s parents.

1. Just Beyond
2. The Hunter
3. Sholem
4. Now and Here
5. Torch to You
6. Moment of Silence
7. Father’s Honour
8. Song of the Furies
9. Lullaby
10. Justin’s Song

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Live at Harmuni (2001)

Live recording from the Mich’s first filk performance at HarmUni convention, 2001. Limited stock.

1. Hello (A Neo Sings)
2. John Barleycorn
3. Now and Here
4. The Hunter
5. The Frivolous Cake


Stars Fall Home (Seanan McGuire)

Mich plays piano on ‘Take Advantage of Me’ and ‘Downhome Aphrodite’

Mobius Street (Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff)

Mich plays piano on ‘Mother of Exiles’

The Hearth and The Hive (Talis Kimberley)

Mich plays piano on ‘Kitchen Heroes’, ‘Cassandra’, ‘Jam Tomorrow’, and ‘Wolf at your Door’

Last Night in Babylon (Russ Chandler)

Mich plays piano on ‘Syncopatin’ Shuffle’ and ‘Time, You Old Gypsy Man,’ and sings backing vocals on: ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ and ‘Time, You Old Gypsy Man’.

Heart Man (Al Neville)

Mich sings backing vocals on ‘Only Sixteen Once’ and ‘Treasure’


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